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MR Cool 18 SEER R410A Variable Speed Series

A/C Condensers -  Air Handlers

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· 10 Year Warranty on Parts and Compressor

· Available in Standard Air Cool Models

· Perfect for New and Replacement Applications

R410A Central Duct Systems

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 MRCOOL 18 SEER air conditioners offer a new compact design. This newly designed variable speed, high efficiency household air conditioner works hard saving consumers’ money from the very beginning. With its energy saving 18 SEER efficiency, this unit can be installed in many different applications: family homes, villas, office buildings, hotels, etc.


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18 SEER  R410A Variable Speed Series


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MRCOOL 18 SEER R410A Variable Speed Features & Benefits*



High Efficiency Performance

The DC inverter compressor achieves such high performance thanks to its permanent magnetic synchronous motor (PMSM). This means there is no current through the motor rotor, no eddy current loss, and minimal heat production. Meanwhile, power input is reduced while reducing ineffective power loss compared to a conventional AC induction motor.


Stepless Regulation

Stepless regulation allow the system to customize operation according to customer needs. System output and operating frequency can vary between 10%~120% and 22Hz~80Hz respectively. This further improves system efficiency to save energy dollars.


180⁰ Vector Control Technology

DC Inverter 180º Vector Control enables smoother compressor running cycles compared to previous generation, conventional compressor units. This reduces heat output, improves energy efficiency, and enables the motor to cut energy consumption by up to 20% per year.


High Efficiency Fan Motor

High-efficiency fan motors reduce power significantly compared to conventional fan motors.


High-Power Startup, Low-Power Operation

Our DC inverter compressor is designed to maximize cooling effectiveness and minimize power consumption. When activated, the system ramps up performance to meet the set temperature as quickly as possible, then it dials down capacity to save power while maintaining the interior comfort you want. This cycle reduces start-stop compressor operation to save energy while prolonging compressor service life.

For example, if operating in a room of approximately 160 square feet, the DC inverter compressor cools the area 6-10 minutes faster than a conventional inverter while using 90% less energy. This results in superior temperature loss control and steadier running cycles. In short, electricity consumption is reduced and energy efficiency is improved without sacrificing air comfort.


High Efficiency Fan Motor

A Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (MCHX) greatly enhances heat transfer efficiency using multiple flat, fluid-filled tubes. Compared to a normal fin-tube heat exchanger, exchange efficiency improves by 30%. Low Running Frequency = Low Running Noise Advanced compressor and control technology results in superior interior air comfort. It also results in a quieter running air conditioner which will last up to 8 years longer than a traditional non-inverter system.


A Quieter Fan Motor

Optimized 3-dimensional stream blades and a low noise motor further reduce overall system operating decibel level.


High ESP Design

A high static pressure design allows sufficient air volume for all zones the system services. Duct connections to multiple diffusers further ensure even distribution of airflow and optimized air quality. These translate into guaranteed comfort for every room connected to the system.


Easy Installation

The interior components are flexible enough for either horizontal or vertical furnace installation.


Flexible Electronic Expansion Valve

Electronic expansion valve technology allows the system to automatically adjust to changing interior circumstances. This results in a system that saves more energy and operates with more stability than capillary designs.


Compact Design & Easy Maintenance

The sophisticated 4-sided detachable case accommodates the required components for superior performance while maintaining a compact footprint. This reduces required installation space, cuts shipping costs, and, with the dismountable fan system, makes the system one of the easiest to service in the industry.


Anti-Corrosion Protection, Moisture Resistance and Damp-Proofing

Thanks to the damp-proof design of the electric box and the oil coating the control board, the system can operate reliably in damp and wet conditions which would cause other units to fail.


Anti-Corrosive Properties

The exterior case is made of painted, galvanized steel to fight long term water corrosion and rust. It endured a 1000-hour test in salt mist to ensure it is corrosion-proof.


High/Low Pressure Protection

The compressor is designed to halt operations and display a malfunction code when suction pressure drops too low or discharge pressure rises too high. This protects the compressor itself against further functions which might cause damage.


Over Current Protection

To protect against over current damage, the compressor will stop and display a malfunction code when it detects a current higher than the approved operating level.


Reverse (Open) Phase Protection

If the phase sequence of the power supply is incongruent or the phase is absent, the unit automatically shuts off to prevent damage to critical components.


Overload Protection

The compressor features automatic overheat protection. When the compressor detects temperatures higher than it can safely operate the compressor shuts down, and will only restart when the temperatures return to normal levels.


Discharge High Temperature Protection

Discharge levels higher than the allowable value cause the compressor to shut down and display a malfunction code.


Temperature Sensor Alarm

The temperature sensor alarm is critical to safe operations. If the temperature sensor short-circuits or becomes faulty, the system will display the appropriate error code and signal an alarm.



Specifications*       (Please see brochure & thermostat & air handler specifications)


MAC18024 - 2.0 Ton 24K BTU R410A A/C Only Condenser 18 SEER                  


MAC18036 - 3.0 Ton 36K BTU R410A A/C Only Condenser 18 SEER                  


MAC18042 - 3.5 Ton 42K BTU R410A A/C Only Condenser 18 SEER                  


MAC18048 - 4.0 Ton 48K BTU R410A A/C Only Condenser 18 SEER                  


MAH18024 - 2.0 Ton 24K BTU R410A Air Handler 18 SEER                  


MAH18036 - 3.0 Ton 36K BTU R410A Air Handler 18 SEER                  


MAH18042 - 3.5 Ton 42K BTU R410A Air Handler 18 SEER                  


MAH18048 - 4.0 Ton 48K BTU R410A Air Handler 18 SEER                  

MRCOOL 18 SEER R410A Series Complete Split A/C System


MAC18024, MAH18024 2.0 Ton 24K BTU R410A Complete Split A/C System 18 SEER                


MAC18036, MAH18036 3.0 Ton 24K BTU R410A Complete Split A/C System 18 SEER                


MAC18042, MAH18042 3.5 Ton 24K BTU R410A Complete Split A/C System 18 SEER                


MAC18048, MAH18048 4.0 Ton 24K BTU R410A Complete Split A/C System 18 SEER                


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